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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 2, 2012 12:15am-1:30am EST

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still to walk you through the amazon at that store. --3 3 is my four letter word. it will download an application will allow you to text it is free, it is called the text +. testing will play pay for itself. i really am trying hard to maintain my composure and a bit of intel, i do hope you appreciate. >>host: c13 the edge with this because we've never seen anything like it in here is the thing, we have about 10 minutes left in this presentation and what to pause
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for a moment and remind you what is going on, with over 2000 already spoken for, this is the lowest price kindle fire in hsn it is the lowest price tablet that we will seek with the rest of the year here at the network and when these are called, they are gone. it is a one-shot deal i will let you in on a secret, we did not know we were doing this untilhursday, and we hit this out of the park. we've done for shipping, free shipping, $40 on your credit card and the u.s. the connector to connect to your computer the ear buds because it is so much more 8 m, home office entertainment machine internet device multimedia function, and you also get simply to impress, it is great because for a lot of us, we are creating the family memories
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in you can even expelled on that with the wonderful editing software. the only thing i do want to remind you about, we saw a lot at hsnand this is my favorite case we have done. i will show it to you real quickly. it does have a nice soft grip, does not slip out of your hand, it does a little bit of a metallic sheen. there's a great sleep for protection, then of course the cups if you book that will anchor it in place but what i'd like, it has a privacy pocket.look out than it is cases become more of a hassle to meeting carry but the case is going, there is that pink. i love that. for >>guest: kentucky blue, there is a
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blue and black. >>host: testimonial top line is open. and 1-866-376-talk also you can also stumped air and at the allied3 these are air it flying the. better processor, more ram. also bear in mind you do not have to worry about running out of memory again. you get to freak out limited clout storage. my pick for parents. because of the parental controls, all of the customization you can do, it is amazing but the favorite thing because also patients impaired perry and. it got ugly [laughter] your web page this will glow40% faster and time is money because
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normally you are trying to shop, download a book, and movie, don't you feel like you are waiting getting frustrated? it does not happen with this. >>guest: with your watching movies or 3 watch, i am in the application store right now, we started to show you the amazon applications for a minute ago butre 22 million things you can download, tons of games, 20 million yen at songs, there is a paid ad for free every single day which is convenient as well.for over 120,000 movies and television shows that you can buy or purchase and audiovox , 500 magazine subscriptions, you name it, is the will of the web welt of amazon when resources are ready to go. two things i want to tell you about, we have the
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candleholder, it is important in a lot of you have been holding--hand-e- holder.if he happens have a larger 7 in. or tenants come of this will fit on any tablet on any size.i gave it caught a hand-e-holder to a chiropractor and he said, he his cents on his tablet he said this 6 tablet to a new level, i do things that i would have never done and my office because i always have one hand free, to point we include a styluses also you have any dexterity issues are you perverted use the stylus. >>host: a special >>guest: wreath you have fingernails. [laughter] >>host: you have to beth those things. we do see you there. and i have to say this, we do know that you want a cap let any of had your heart set on it, if we just sat here and just
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said kindle that will say it off. and you do not need me to tell you there is a reasonthat this is america's sweetheart. this is the number-one selling a 7 in. tablet in history and in that there are a lot of traces' especially the 7 in. category and i am proud of the tablets we have done the kindle fire certain animal. not only because the parental controls but the amazon the it will load web pages faster, time is money in at a tablet at home that i purchased from hsn and i'd love it but i do get that up about was trying fight somebody web site and it was not gloating. we all know what it is like. you do want a
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tablet that is smooth and fasten it tablet you do not have to worry about running out of memory. he may be getting this now or for yourself or your grandkids, who knows what possibilities this will open up. freeg, a one-shot only, we have is what we have. e will pay to send it to $40 on your credit card in a 60 day money back guarantee see you can try it as to buy it and if you are getting it for your children, i will take this from my buyers the display is 20 times stiffer and 30 times harder than plastic. that is important because to me, if you are going to get a tablet for your kids maybe you get the $600 700 of the one for yourself with the one that you get for your kids or your family or the one built to last for two never run out of memory and the one that will give you
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interface, interaction it will give to the amazon world figure tips, the kindle fire. more probably have it for the lowest price ever and the lowest price for the rest of the year. >>guest: you should have anti virus vi we virus mobile security and there is a cut in here% it into your candle. it will allow you if you lose the kindle, he will be able to find it.and this is actually three licenses for tablets and phones. you put it license aren't your phone , husband is fun, and your tablet. if you lost your funny but the computer will find them. if you have personal information, banking, this is not just a reader, this is a can remotely a block or a race that step but
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only when you have vipremobile security on your tablet. >>host: there are a lot of cheaper while it friendlyplace in life but there is a reason why this is number one. the fire we won the brand, we want the candle, we've won the emma's sun apps, we've won the web the faster processor, we want the durable high-tech frame. a lot of times by tablet or a have to baby it and we're afraid to take it someplace but this does allow you, the world at your fingertips, we do have, off lookout responsive. >>guest: the browser is so much faster. >>host: >>guest: the net
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with 7 in. tablet is great but this is when you pick the hand-e-holder, itis 81 at cited, of whether you are doing games watching video, this is standard base, to really important things, this will play/video.right now i am one necklace. if paid $8 a month, you will be put to stream net flicks to hear beautifully. kindle fire, 8 gb of built-in memory and everything you've 5 on the applications or, if try and three birds movies, games, magazines whenever you do, it is all to the flawed inf back the other pack for you will pay hundreds of dollars for. this great and you can download to your heart's content, you will never run out of
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space. the other great thing about that, everything buy can be used across multiple devices. i will log in to my amazon account and i can do the exact thing because the same account is on my tablet. the wealth of amazon is at your fingertips for at the end of your silence. 22 million things movies, music,6 c13 name it. it is incredibly is small, light weight. and it does have a quality failed to live. >>host: no great quality when you see it. in a great quality when you feel that. get this film and this is that they will want to become clearer. get this film, tadzhik, like, play with it, lectured is
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everything your heart desires look see how durable and responsive. the motion is moved, it is fluid, it is web browsing that will improveves up to 30%. sometimes you even forget what you what need to download in the first place. that is frustrating. no frustrationswe are giving you a wealth of free things come off i have said it before but for moms and dads across america, this own personal opinion f there are great pads and have lived in for me, this is something that you get with the older kids i was even thinking about getting this for 5 year old nephew, they start young and you can. there is something on this for everyone to whether you doing here again >>guest: i downloaded and
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application off to get your attention. [electronic voice] >>host: and with the free application write-in text for and if you get a free application of the day and it is something to look forward to and really, all ofof the amazon application star, we're monitoring the led chapel we do want to thank lance or loves amazon. by the time we get the call, the ticker is blind and i wear this your peers when their cost of late yelling at me and although i would like to spend all our on must ask you i do hope you are calling out but i know that we are closing the day tomorrow and by all accounts, this will not be here is
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then compaq, sexy leslie responsive off weighs only 14 ounces. >>guest: this is a little program or you could text for free, you can't do text + cut but it free, it might cost 99¢ but you can tax for free the people in text to your tablet. >>host:we are over 1000 closer to 2000 put more than anticipated and i do need for you to call tonight. we'd like you to have this tablet and i know this is the one thing you want, we will pay to send it to you remember, literally 30 times more durable and again, the toy ist the kids are
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playing all with a parental controls the responsiveness, time is money, no more waiting, 30 percent more faster on the downloads, all of the freak applications which are simple to impress, said liz, you must be connector, the headsets, i but normally i am not big on this is the nicest kids never ever done, i wish it that my tablet i have at home. lookout then that is. it does have the sheen i agree. the red and black, king which has been really hot. >>guest: my mom has a candle, sheet uses it was seed to read but i think it will get her one for christmas. >>host: gone
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then we know that this is the best we had that, we have had it out of the park new shoppers the patient with us, please state there because otherwise the day is already off to an amazing star which renu-it would be an think you for your and i will see you again. >>guest: i will see you again. >>host: think you.aaron berger will be back half hour but i am going to continue with you i know i should pick favorites but i am mad about the mitsubishi. the hand-e-holder is that also. this was sold out for a long time. or talking about tablet so we did not have this. if you are
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presentations, this is nice to have been especially if you are on the phone like most of us are. coming up as i was mentioning my favorite television on hsn , this is stunning, this is a home theater in a box and i do we're less down to the last 200 or so, the vital final quantities for the year. what about hundred torso and each 097-686 and do not hang up on the today's special, kindle fire most 5000 gone will be back in a moment. >>host: this is your good to guide of things hsn and have you checked out the brand new hsn arcade fashion tale holiday hunt game. it and find your favorite hsn items and arcade tickets, with more holiday items to
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find, be sure to come back and play every day to earn more tickets, you can use two are in your chance to win the tickets to a sound. getting a chance to win the $500 hsn gift card play shop, wind.. [commercial] [commercial] [commercial]
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[commercial] [reading] [♪ music ♪] in >>host: the today's tomorrow night, over 5000 of the spoken for and we are just lucky to have it. remember, it is by all you can and this is america is the one selling 7 in.
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tablet computer and a list price at hsn history and those price tablet for the rest of the year, we pay to send it to you for less than $40 on your credit card and you cannot miss out this is a personal favorite of mine and i will say i am lucky, i love selling electronics but i ask for this television because this is the final quantity for each year and this will never come back for this price, this is the lowest price ever. it into traces' tonight. without the stand we have little 100. under and 58 of the one without the stand and then it slightly more than that one with the stand. and here it is in black and white we will you the version without favorite part,
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they're doing flex pay me and for this show only.the flex pay was done only for this hearing. yet the world of television, they're big televisions and then there are mitsubishi, they're the leaders in technology only think of the big football stadiums, they do create those, would be good to your favorite movie theater this is the same technology so it is like a movie theater in your 206 $10.99 and every time we've done it to be sheet it has gone into the customer pack. i have been working out but check this out. in a john
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eastman needs to help me. hello. >>guest: i took it to you was about to go over backwards. >>guest: and >>host: knows everything there3 an about televisions and more importantly, nobody knows more about the lp or home theaters than you. there really are the best. >>guest: they make more dlp tepees and in the other manufacturers combined. it is digital light processing and if he could to a movie theater 80 percent in this country do feature premium dlp and of the washington and it was getting quality, grape color saturation in amazing definition,
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high resolution in your not losing some of the impact you normally would get when you get a lesser technology in the same dlp technology that you find it a movie screen which to be 40 or 50 ft. wide or more, you will the same technology on the 73 in.. >>host: is what this is my favorite television to sell but harris's got a new television in there over the moon but when it bought the television they have to buy the supple for, other stuff but this is out of the box, a home of cinema. this is a man cave. we get at home, you are done and that is why i said, this isn't great experience and we were doing lennon's last hour, across the set my jawdropped, it is that good but the thing about the tvs
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this is the next generation technology but mitsubishi has perfected this and this is what to sell out every single time a bill for them. this is only for this show, this and what ever you to see the quantity left, every single one of these will go. but it did last 340 one we're featuring the graphics is the one without the sand. the one with out, we have hundred and 50 have. but the hundred 88 with the stand and i want to point out one with the stand is beautiful, regarding this on what size or kind of television that you are watching at home, this is what we all the end of the day, we all want this. as 7
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3 in.. that is like 60. >>guest: this is we could stretch to across this and still have room. this is a >>guest: big television it will fill a key to have a movie theater in your home but this is a great that the this with one hand about 75 lbs., it is easy to do and also, not very deep, the older what is good and 25 for 30 in. to but this is 18 in. deep.the footprint, the one that will contact the base our stand is only 14 in. deep. c r t tv was 25 in. deep in this does take up a lot of room.they're also very proud of the thin technology but all also it is almost all picture. what is illegal about6 c13
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we do get a great big 73 in. television for a third of the price he would spend if you were going to buy one of the other technologies out there. ke lee d. r plasma but tried to and lcd tv this is and you will spend three times as much money or more depending upon the tv. >>host: you do not need to take my word for it, think about how much money you spend 3 42 in., and you can do the math for yourself but there is a reason why every time we do this that sells out in these in the final quantities for the year. lash out at the finest quantities for the year scheduled presentation. >>guest: issue the 40 in. screen. 40 in. is a big tv by anyone's standards and let me do this sense of that that is big, we're looking at three times more when
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you put it up against a 73 in., that is just amazing whether it is a sporting event video3 a television series or holiday movies get out of the way. >>host: you can do nintendo week games and my nephew, he is 4 years old--wii mist see you ... resume better than i was but with we would have been watching it on- this, it does it make you a game anymore, makes you bring to end. it makes >>guest: she felt like you're in a race car when you are battling the monsters and millions, you are there and outer space because it does bring to the peripheral vision. a 32 in. cut out, this is not
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just the 132 or two of the 32 how about four of 32 in. with room to spare. bigger is better when it comes to a television and if you orsn but no one ever says i wish i got a the ltv, here is the other thing, i do not like you to think that 73 in., will it affect what i don't know we still have thestill shocked that shows the profile or not but it is probably not wider than the consul or table. + >>guest: 18 in. deep. will find that it takes up less space in with a lot less so is movable from room to room and when the people want to know is carboloy get a great picture, you what will. some technology it is a
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full 1080 p, less of the high-definition and will not get less that you will get the same 1080 p resolution and the 4 in everything else, plus you do get more color how was that possible? this television will feature a 6 color processor. this to be >>guest: your watching us right now, has a 3 color processor and this will double the processing power. but more crowns and crumb what should get a pretty arrogant jerk. that is one of the reasons why this television has an amazing technology, the same kind of technology that will find in a movie theater. >>host: so great big sound that is huge. and we do so
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greatales but you will still buy a subwoofer because they're small tvs you have small speakers that this has a burst ofen i say, this is6 c13 instant man cave, supplied the popcorn in there you are set . makes everything better if you're looking for the perfect television, for the family room, for the must have tv, who will leave it at the bottom of the screen. that was a big deal for them to do that i had to twist some arms.if it were not going to do that and have 5 flexible payments, only for the show, only for this hearing, you will see the quantity left, we have the hundred and only never does a lot of different ways to shop here but shot, the final
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quantities for the year and if you3 have that are set out a big tv, if you do want the multi media tv, we will head for the funds fell in love to go with the lights as well but we will stay right here in florida alice welcome to hsnif you are live with john and shannon. >>caller: colo. we've had a >>caller: this television since february and we love it. is everything you say it is. devon the family room and it is beautiful and we do love the television. >>host: are there any kids in the household or did you event meet new neighbors of the tv? >>caller: we had we don't have kids at home but we have grown kids that come over grandkids that come over and watch it.
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the >>host: loves it. is the picture better when you see it at home and in person? >>caller: would not have to if it were not so great fares in >>host: need to go to movies anymore right? >>caller: do not. but i'd love it too. >>host: i have a question >>caller: but assert inning will be king get 3 d glasses? i will have >>host: my producers search and
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will ask the buyer that question. i would have my producer check to see if we have any glasses and i will forward your information to buyer, 22 c if we can come up with something for you because i know you are letting the tb we do appreciate you outdid for stopping by what i think is interesting, they did have a smaller version and then she upgraded to the 73 in., we hear that all of the time. once people get this at home and to appreciate, and let us take the lights down to the port is almost no elimination in the studio because what i would like to do, like to put my hand in front of the screen and this is
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what alices seen at home. she got this for her has been carried athusband. that is what you are going to see when you get it at home and that is why when people try it, they are spoiled for all others, you probably will go to the theater again, it comes with the wi-fi adapter which is of the we have not talked about. >>guest: the 3d alice mentioned and you can watch glasses but the wi-fi adapter is included which you can't connected into the wi-fi in your home and that will allow you to really expand your entertainment and education universal will hit the internet but on the remote and you will see for a second once i do
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that it will load up all of the different opportunities, you go to vud orvudu app stores , [reading] 3 >>guest: different opportunities, and most of what you are seeing here is free. your family to enjoy television know what a television has been for you.incredible motivational speakers. delicious to become a wonderful recipes for you and let this, most of this is absolutely and that is all part the vuduis you will be able to the stream high- definition movies with dolby digital surround sound
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directly to your television and you are paint a been took charge but it is available to built into the television and with all of the extra opportunity you will not have to have the premium cable subscriptions to happen in the past. and we did mention the fact that this is a 3d capable television. get done this is television come on 3d get out of the way. it is so lifelike, real, realistic, and this is like being in the movie theater and joined 3d. jim self that screen. this is 8 tb that will give you more than what a standard television would to give you end 3d ready, wi- adapter 73 in., fulton ndp, if you wanted to find this television those specs and an lcd or l e d or even a plus much, you could expect to spend two or three times as much money.
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that is the difference we're talking about but if you wanted the big television but he said my budget says it cannot get the 42 or maybe 47 but that is no6 c13 case because the same amount of money will buy you a 73 in. television but this is a pet and the cbc makes more tv's more at the more other its manufacture a line. it added the big screen and to give you amazingc13 and high-definition, some of the techno babble about 120 hz up ram and that refers to the processing screen, this will the brain weight and why is that? the slower processing tvs are responsible for lorraine pictures.processed at 60 hz and we've used the 120 hz, you will actually tell one cyclist apart from the can
12:54 am
read the numbers of the back of their jersey and that is the difference. apply that to a video game or a plane to an action movie, 120 hz 7 of ram, 6 color processor, doubling the coloring processing powder and also fact that your family will enjoy this come up holiday parade, watching the movies, playing the games together with you and yourwill be magnified by this great 73 in. television. >>host: it is 6 ft., it is a movie theater, this is the
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box. but55 gift. free shipping. have you checked to see how much a thing is these days. it is not free. but it is for you. free shipping. this to >>guest: is not go in the back seat of the car. the per >>host: c13 this story but like to be upstairs but lacher and 9 had to have a tb because they use it for work but tried to get aid to be delivered to for one of those by stores in the tummy of the three weeks and it $50 to have it delivered at home and you have to try this at television alice in florida there is reason why and her as been purchased to us that we see the quantity
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left, if you can help me detailed one more 100 on the one without the stand. this is a piece of furniture. >>guest: its board set nicely, it takes about half an hour to assemble it and will be very proud to have it in your home, it is that good. >>host: is because the profile is not wide, it will fit for most situations it will fit on the end table free shipping for this show, remember we will keep the
12:57 am
traffic out is to remind you that the flex pay they did only for me.bam and you collected the show originally the flex pay i did say that to get the one with the sin is a must for it is almost $350 to get it home. and also speaking of payment plans, if you're one of the vip and have each is an card coming to give pay as you go and that makes it less than $150 a month. this is the >>host:vdemonstration. >>guest: is a giant, because when
12:58 am
you compare it to what you are watching right now 32 in., there is no comparison. 32 in. anna the big event to order and is an 3 if you 21 impacting if you what trauma if to let big frocks, big family came night that is unbelievable on a tv like one and if you are not sacrificing anything he tried to buy similar size
12:59 am
3d capability book 10, 6c13 processor 120 but this real quickly. that is impressive.even my television at one point less sure it did take three from people if kids are there will lose their minds. were
1:00 am
getting a better picture home without of all of the other hassle. it is immersed of experience, you do feel like you're in that race card because you to feel like it brings you in. it is a different ball game. >>host: they have perfected this technology and nobody does it better. shut down
1:01 am
forever to peace because they13 sending me. they are mentally going6 c13 take away that flex pay, in order to get that television, you are looking at $400 in dunnies then, you have a couple of days off. time off for good behavior. [laughter] as always. look for john eastman beckon a couple of days, they have customized issue for me. -- his show.
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>>host: duggan of a little bit later in the show. now, have you heard about in america is number one selling tablet here hsn is at lowest price history. this is a lowest price tablet computer for the rest of the year and only quantities a retina do. we a result thousands and that we have not anticipated and this is the rope tablet you most wanted it is our kindle and that is a the arched is special. [♪ music ♪] ok, this is unbelievable and when i say it is smoking, by this does not begin to touch it. have
1:03 am
literally sold more than doubled than they anticipated with 6000 of these already spoken for. when you think about what you3 in a tablet, yes this beats the band. is so much fun and easy and intuitive. this is a great pleasure to use it is portable and it is what i call america's sweetheart is the most popular 7 in. tablet in america for the reason. this is the famous kindle- and the thing is it does things that other tablet computers won't do. and as parental controls you are resale last hour but i will say for moms and dads across america this is tablet you wanna buy it for your kids. c13 there's ever been a day or if you ever had a heart set on a tablet for moms dads kids or for yourselves you can not we have never done this priced at a
1:04 am
kindle fire for under $200. we will pay to ship it to you for $39.99 on your age is a guard. this could be the only scheduled hearing based on how quickly they are selling because we already have 6000 spoken6 c13 as always we are giving you more goodies and stuff you find elsewhere.we give you stylus, your butt and remember this is much more than a e reeleryour budsearbuds and this is a multi experience. this is better and faster and easier than the last candle fire that came out. this
1:05 am
is the amazon silk web browser 30 percent faster and what i say it is the best tablet for- because it id is not only more responsive but there is parental from text to speak that will read books to your kids are someone who is it visually impaired. you get free of 4 around the world and weighs only 16 ounces so it is lightweight so if you want yours you have absolutely have to make a beeline to your column.we have over 6000 already spoken for and that is three times that they anticipated so the good news is we have your sennight.tonight. by the way could you please call us if on
1:06 am
the candle we would love to hear from you we are love my nurturing our live chat andmuch during our live chat best we like to hear your experience with your13 buyer. we have these wonderful case included they in the red fuchsia and blue. have very many. >>guest: to make a blowey airborne, i am not surprised this is a new road was selling tablet and midsize for the entire country and doesn't important is the lowest price tablet for the year it says it right there and our website you get it all for under $40.40
1:07 am
five flexplay events and free shipping. this is the tablet were talking about here is a number one selling tablet in the country and why does everyone loved it so much? it is kindle fire everyone loves it, you have too many 2 million apps songs and music you can download is door " ordual-core tablet for this price. this is a revolt 7 in. multitasking screen it is out of this world and it has that dual-core processor, 8 gb memory, a limited clout storage all of your kindle fire contentto 120,000 movies and tv episodes
1:08 am
candle sapphire apps store in the e-mail's, amazon apps store and it features a 9 daughter-- our battery life. you can have a different law again for your kids and when you do again for that they do not have access for all of your e- mail and all of your duties. they have access to their own goodies and to the degree you allow them to do i mean by that is maybe i will let my kids play games hour today and they can read all day if they want to. one of the candle does beautifully is it is the reader it is out of asthis wo
1:09 am
is not simply an e reader to do not let c13 full year but it has features of a computer you can download search the internet and so much more here >>host: by the time. and i are off the air at 2:00 a.m. and the third of a quantity will be gone and believe me we tried to get as many as we could so i know if you miss the story this is a encore presentation. we only found out about this on thursday and when i say it is literally off presses and if you have your bo your heart set on america's favorite tablet this is it. you can watch
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all of these things online you can do shopping searching internetsurfing the internet watch movies read books you can do so much. the thing this is a multi media experience a when you surfeit it is a amazon soap id 30 percent faster and smoother with not any issues they have great quality is 30 times more durable than the toys your kids play at home. it is meant to be % taken with you. now with 6300 that are spoken for and a bottle thing i have to mention is free shipping.
1:11 am
remember you can pay as you go or play and basically you can get this at home for $39.99 and there is a 60 day money back guarantee. get it at home chargeit on your computer and then play with their take on the road. you have two months to try and as you buy it when you give it as it gets and once people try the candle they are really spoil and they do not want to use anything else. >>guest: one of the things that candle has done beautifully as they took the android operating system6 c13 in the country and i am always talking about it because i love it. is a android basedevice which to play flash video which is not true of the other
1:12 am
device you to buy at the mall which is a wonderful tablet at the mall but it doesn't play blast been 8 billion and it is flash video and across a much more. ent movies and you do not always have to buy are free apps that are available such as shannon's tax app that shiites are about. they are stored it remotely so they do not pick up from on the tablet and you will not run out a room which is a huge deal. >>host: more memoriesndred and dollars more but you never have the memory or the tablets of a downloads and remember there is freak at every day from the amazon apps store and if you are like me when it all. you know you want
1:13 am
tablets or computer you want the reliability and performance. look to the sleek design a 9 hour battery life and yes it is6 c13 high-definition and its credit but you do not have to be afraid to take it with you. i that a third of cases are gone to so ask about your case i know you have seen the item number rotating at the bottom of the screen and i said c13 lessor i believe it is the nice case they have ever done because its then but it has all little metallic sheen to it so ask about case is now in salad quantities. this what you want to use for a hollow-- holiday treat. if you had your heart set and a
1:14 am
number one tablet make a beeline to your thong and if i did not have a talent and all i would buy this in new york minute in a heartbeat. you should be on the ball for this week as you will use it and lead it but not only will you use% it you will use it all the time something you will use more often than you ever use your computer. - >>guest: because you will always with you and people ask how in the world as holder pad all by itself it is all with done with the candy e holder adjustable universal tablet item #177-84 if it will fit size tablet it is less for $40 i think it is brilliant because it will make your tablet so much easier to use.and 5 by this tonight i would also ask for that easy holder.
1:15 am
not only does candle you give you a beautiful graphics display it the capability of turning it on its side and on limited memory this is what it means when you go to the amazon apps store which will show you in a minute. youownload books movies you can buy apps or download them but with other tablets when they get full because you filled them up with apps their full there have a hard memories so you can't load anything else until you delete. this is not the case with the kindle fire because everything is stored on amazons cloud so it is stored remotely and amazon house the space they will see 67 on servers for you. so as long as you buy things from the amazon's or they
1:16 am
will never go away and you will never run out of spspace. you could also use it for otheravailable and that is what it they mean by unlimited storage. i will also talk about the kindle fire at store and what i'd love about this is a special because for this job and all of us and as name-brand as against the candle fire is number-one name brand for tablets and if you know tablet granules no candle fire and you will be able to download tens of thousands of everyday for free. you have a hundred and 20,000 movies and tv you can rent or purchase you have also option
1:17 am
of 12 million books available plus millions of free box and 20 million songs a hundred and 20,000 audiovox and ran 500 magazine subscriptions. can go into any of your box with the text as up and if you want it to read to you it actually can do that with this act. you can have a playback of the ebola is i turned my volume of and with the tax act it will read the book to, and actually even turns the page for your this isben franklin's member ofmemoirat it was
1:18 am
reading to you. >>host:by the way kids can customize their own screen ore interface. there are 30 times more durable than plastics the chances are it is eating more durable than toys they're using right now.whatever your heart desires if you want the candle fire and you had your heart set on a tablet like most americans if we want the number one seller and the american sweetheart. are number one for a reason and it gives you everything your desires it will go with you and you do not have to worry about. maybe you have of 500 or 600 dollar tablets and that a problem for yourself but this is for everyone in family because we all want a brand name usually you are shelling out big bucks in order to get one.the fact
1:19 am
remains this is c13 real deal is the genuine article it is the kindle fire and at a one and one day opportunity. we are now 7000 gone and 1. and i are off the air we will through a third of the quantity my friends. we did not know this is coin to be a today's special that is how hot off the press is. if you ever wanted to get a tablet error maybe new shoppers i welcome you again this is what you must do you want this anarchy and i will tie you because to get on flex pay net it is open to you as well. we eight major credit cards and even debit cards i know $2 is a great price but you are not spending that you are literally only spending $39.909 on your credit card will
1:20 am
pay its ascended to you we send you stylist, apps and the earbuds annual ship it to you for free. you have two months to try it and you will your money back to try it. the candle fire is not fast or intuitive you can return it you have opted to have all those features such as dell lows, apps for free, serving internet e reader it will pay for itself a thousand times over the issue will use every single day in you'll appreciate it. with the people we have calling we have a thousand people joining us right now so you can not wait because i know karen will be back early in the morning but there is absolutely no way that this
1:21 am
coin to make the entire broadcast today. had to move heaven and earth to make this happen. >>guest: shannon's only knew for couple of days and we thought were going to sell camera today but instead we are selling the the unitedvpopular tabloid and it is because it is so easy to use it is from amazon the candle fire. - simplicity and reliability in which you can use the tablet and look equality of the screen and of course the price, price we all love a great value this is a low payingprice tablet. cooler doesn't want to buy more for less money iwho doesn't want to
1:22 am
buy low-cost tablet? there is a full- 7 in. multi touchscreen the browser is called amazon silk browser id is 30% faster than previous browsers that were included with the kindle has 8 gb a limited clout storage for all of your kindle fire apps, access 120,000 movies and tv episodes access to millions of books and there is a three-time so when think control when you give the tablet to your children you can give them eight different law again.
1:23 am
whatever the rules are in your house the tablet will abide by those rules. >>host: pat who has to control me during these hours and good luck to bat.this is the only show i will be able to eric and that is part of the reason i want to spend more time it and they're not letting me because we are6 c13 more they anticipated for the show. this is so greattry kindle fire you get spoiled and there is our reason because they are the number-one selling 7 in. tablet on the planet. you have to try and to really see how great this is an experienced glorious up it is so much more than just reading entertainment and music. you can literally do your work from your kindle as well but you can watch
1:24 am
your favorite television shows and the list goes on and on. it comes with photo editing suite and what we talk about multimedia or anything you wanted to kendall really did it in if you are new to the world of computers i can think of a better way to get with the kindle fire for less $200 and free shipping with pay as you go and 60 day money back guarantee. i know you see it rotating at the bottom of screen so not only is and lowest price but it is the lowest priced at par on that tablets arrest of the 2012 year. for a tablet for therest on. if
1:25 am
you are not calling now as i mentioned we will be through a third of the quantity before erin and i are done with a showcase and please ask about the showthe cases because they aredurable than plastic. you wanna have a built- screen protector so asked about the case we have a third of the quantity already spoken and they're only $29. i know you see the quandt screens you truly have to ask about this. >>guest: 1 pink 1 to recommend is a we have the
1:26 am
mobile security which protection from threats that are available to the android system. you'll see item #its874 for $39.95 and what i like about it in make sure went surfing a lot safer but if you your tablet able located for you and always locked the information if it is lost or wipe it so no one can get any of your information. this is one of the smartest things a owner a candle sapphire tablet can do is get the viper security system. >>host:this is the only show on coin and have and closing the day with aaron and eremite be
1:27 am
having a little siesta married a time because that this point i it knows the buying team move heaven and earth to make this happen. this is everything your heart and it is the amazon kindle fire is less than $200 with free shipping and remember this is all upgraded. there is very web site browsing downloading and 30% faster so time is money and this is the whole key with this id is so portable in durable and rugged. the candle fire tablet is more sophisticated and you will accomplish more in your day because you will take your office wherever you go. this 14 ounces and your big gulp will weigh more
1:28 am
than this tablet. >>guest: i was joking aboutbrand but when you buy something like a candle fired you know you are a good quality the minute you get it home and how smooth is and how great you complete games on it and one of the things i want a mentioned i confess i learned to play cut the rug on my phone. this is the size of eye phone screen and look at the difference and this is a really great size to hold a moynihan and one hand and i am holding it with the handy holder. >>host: effuse
1:29 am
download the apps to the free taxing and i want a tax on this size screen and if your eyes are6 c13 and south as mine are this is where i would like textured downloaded from the amazon at stores you can tax it to your daughter's phone but you can see where you are doing and that is the thing that is so remarkable. it also includes stylus which makes it so easy and where 2000 have been ordered to you must really be going to your phones because if you have had your heart desired and it is literally everything you everd at tablet but do not wait. i know what happens with midnight shows i'd do if i tune in and i write the item number down and i go about my day and then will tell you if you do that on this you will not


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